I am a conceptual artist and experience developer. Graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld academy of art and the applied physics faculty of the University of Twente I walk on parallel paths. Combining my fascination for tech and art I develop new experiences with augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Examples are: the first AR dress with fashion designer Marga Weimans, the first AR schoolyard for children at the SteveJobsSchools, the first AR techno opera of Mathis Nitschke. As conceptual artist I research that which does not exist. My art work was exhibited in Amsterdam, Berlin, London & New York.

Experience artist for augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Love to design, love to code, love to teach!

Luciano Pinna

I teach at the St. Joost School of Art & Design on the subject of innovation, (speculative) design and fine art, for first, second, third and graduation year bachelor students. I have given numerous workshop on AR, VR, Projection Mapping, Max, Unity and have been an inspirational speaker on the subject. Furthermore, I have been an advisor for several tech labs and partly responsible for the Speculative Design exchange program at St Joost.


IDFA Special Jury Award for Creative Technology for Symbiosis in the 2021 IDFA DocLab Competition for Immersive Non-Fiction.

Columbia University School of the Arts Digital Storytelling Lab for the Digital Dozen 2021 award – breakthrough in storytelling nomination for Lure.

Rotterdam Designprijs 2013 nomination for Marga Weimans’s Body Archive collection & Hyperfabric Dress.


Interview with Mathis Nitschke, in the 2023 November issue of NMZ – Neue Musikzeitung, about New narrative forms and new target groups.

Workshops and teachings:


2003-2008 Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Art, fine arts
1990-1996 University of Twente, faculty of Applied Physics, Solid State Physics
1983-1990 High school St Janscollege (V.W.O.), Atheneum B


Dutch: native speaking, reading and writing
English: native speaking, reading and writing
German: basic speaking and reading
Italian: basic speaking and reading
French: basic speaking and reading

Past Graphic Design Work

For several years I worked as a graphic designer for print and internet. I created identities, company styles, logos, brochures, stands, presentations, websites, the works. Also developed sites using Joomla, WordPress and a custom-made CMS based on MySQL/PHP. Some of my customers were ECF, Remain, FOM, BioPM, Valkenburgh Advocaten, Industrial TSI, Vitagion.

Past IT Work Experience

I started my career in IT during the high days of the Internet. Did work ranging from first line support to web development, security architect, business analyst, technical pre-sales and project management. Primarily for the financial and security industry. On large and challenging IT infrastructure projects. My clients were ABN AMRO, ING, Staal Bankiers, UWV, Belgacom, Poste Italiane, DigiNotar. I was also employed by the two high tech security companies Safestone & Baltimore Technologies.

Master degree

Researcher at University of Utrecht, Debye Institute, department of Atom and Surface Science from January to July 1996, subject amorphous Silicon Solar cells. During this period I implemented an automated system for fundamental research on solar cells. The entire system was designed, programmed and implemented by myself.


Researcher at University of Rome, department of electrical engineering from September to December 1995, subject fundamental research on amorphous Silicon Solar cells.

Avid cyclist

Between working on projects and teachings I love to ride my race bike. Nowadays we move too little with obvious consequences for society and personally. I believe we should encourage people to go out more and exercise, to counter our sedentary life. Not only will it be beneficial healthwise, it is also a great way to explore the world around us. So off you go!

Visual Storytelling

A major theme throughout my profession has been my desire to tell stories through photography. The subject of these stories are often based on my travels both domestic and abroad. Through the combination, order and repetition of images, I try to capture the peculiarities of hiking through nature: the beauty, the repetition, the sometimes crazy effort it takes to go the distance, one step after another.