Another Dream

Another Dream, a hybrid animated documentary and VR game by Ado Ato Pictures, brings the gripping, true love story of an Egyptian lesbian couple to life. Faced with a post-revolution backlash against the LGBTQ community, they escape Cairo to seek asylum and acceptance in the Netherlands. An accompanying installation allows audiences to reflect on what they have seen, heard, and felt in VR.

Another Dream is part of Queer in a Time of Forced Migration, an animated transmedia series that follows the stories of LGBTQ refugees from Egypt, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia across continents and cultures — from the 2011 Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa region to the world today.

Languages: English, Arabic
Genre: Animated VR Documentary
Duration: 20 minutes
Production Countries: Netherlands, Egypt, USA, Norway


Tamara Shogaolu: Director, Producer, Writer
Lauren Dubowski: Producer, Writer
Natalya Sarch: Producer
Riyad Alnwili, Marcela Stolzmann, Nada El-Kouny: Assistant Producers
Anastasia alpha_rats, Martijn Zandvliet: Lead Developers
Luciano Pinna: Developer
Gata Mahardika: Animator
Ytje Veenstra: Illustrator
Marijn Karsten: 3D Artist
Xiao’ou Olivia Zhang: Sound Designer
Amy Reed: Sound Designer Binaural Sound Designers, Original Music Composers, Music Supervisor

Another Dream was supported by a grant from the Sundance Institute New Frontier Lab Programs.
Another Dream is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).