Virtual Story of Resistance

When the Star of David was introduced at the end of April 1942, the illegal magazine De Vonk produced 300,000 paper pamphlets with the imprint ‘Jew and non-Jew united in the fight.’ A portion was let to swirl down from the roof of the Bijenkorf, within sight of the headquarters of the SS and other German services.

On May 5, pamphlets were again fluttering down, as a tribute to the act of resistance at that time. There are 300,000 virtual pamphlets in total. From 12:30, these were thrown from the roof of the Bijenkorf as long as people looked at the facade of the Bijenkorf via the app. A counter kept track of the numbers, trying to reach the 300,000.

Visitors could watch along on iPads of the assistants, or check it out with their own smartphone or tablet.


Commissioned by the Amsterdam 4 and 5 May Committee and realized by Sander Veenhof, Klasien van der Zandschulp and Luciano Pinna.

Concept: Sander Veenhof, Klasien van der Zandschulp
Coding: Luciano Pinna
Video: Klasien van der Zandschulp